Weldline, creating a professional environment

WELDLINE, the welder's selection of tools, accessories and protection available through OERLIKON, SAF-FRO and CEMONT commercial networks.

This brand offers a large range of TIG and MIG/MAG welding torches (WTT & WMT versions), tools and accessories dedicated to welding applications (cables, earth clamps, brushes and hammers, sprays...) as well as individual protective equipment for the welder (gloves, clothes, goggles, masks...) as well as for his environment (strips curtains, etc...).

Continuous research for the best products, permanent availability, high quality products at the right price and compliance with the most rigorous European standards, are the key words that describe the WELDLINE offer with one major objective: Customer Satisfaction.

This trademark is a triple commitment:

Why choose us?

  • Compliant with
    European Standards

    The choice of quality products complying with European standards, to meet customer requirements better.

  • Balancing quality
    with price

    The purchasing power of the group at the service of its partners.

  • Optimised logistics

    One catalogue, one brand, one stock in order to increase the service level on these essential products.

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