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Welding Helmet for Her

Eurospeed LS Edition Female

Welding Helmet for Her

All the comfort and security of liquid crystal technology in a protective and comfortable welding helmet.

For welding process: MMA, MIG MAG, TIG
  • Robust, comfortable design
  • Internal grinding mode
  • Soft, comfortable sweat band

Technical description

  • Optical class: 1/1/1/2
  • Lens switching: 0,04ms
  • Lens shade: 3.5/9-13
  • Two independent sensors TIG
  • Amp rating: ≥ 5A DC & ≤ 5A AC
  • Viewing area: 4 312 mm

Delivered with

  • 2 outside protection plates 
  • 1 inside protection plate
  • 1 sweat band
  • 1 comfort cushion on the headgea

New Light Shade Technology - Natural Vision

  • Natural vision for more comfort for the welders
  • Better color perception for more safety
  • A larger color panel for clearer vision of the bead and of the environment from shade 3 to 13

New Light Shade Welding Filter

The New Welding Filter offers better protection against harmful rays while ensuring higher penetration ratio allowing the welder to recognise brighter objects. In addition, the recognisable colors are enhanced and more natural than traditional yellow/green. This, in turn, improves efficiency and reduces fatigue. The lens improved as natural color can make the user recognize the object with ungarbled color so it can reduce feeling of fatigue and improve operation efficiency.

Index No. W000403824-2